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Building a High-Performing Martech Sales Team

Building a High-Performing Martech Sales Team

Hey there, following our launch of the Thornton Gregory Podcast (PodLeaders) I wanted to share my first blog post!

This first piece of content is all about “Building a High-Performing Mar-Tech Sales Teams”. I maybe biased but the success of your scale up and start up really relies on recruitment, my friends!

Buckle up, and I'll share some neat tips that'll make your team a force to be reckoned with!

Finding the Right People: First things first, you need the right folks on your team. Look for candidates who have the technical know-how, marketing smarts, and can charm anyone with their people skills. Oh, and don't forget, Mar-Tech is always changing, so find candidates who are up for learning new stuff and taking on any challenge is essential.

Beyond Boring Interviews: Resumes can be boring, so spice things up with some cool behavioural-based interviews. Ask them about how they handle problems, stay strong when things get tough, and work well with others. You'll find the real rockstars for your team!

Thinking Outside the Box for Talent: Don't stick to the same old recruiting ways. Get creative! Hit up industry events, webinars, and online groups to find hidden gems who are perfect for your team.

Training for Success: Once you've got your dream team, give 'em the fuel they need. Train 'em up on your Martech solutions and show 'em the ropes in the industry. But remember, learning never stops! Encourage 'em to keep growing with workshops, webinars, and all the cool stuff out there.

A Team that Cheers Together, Succeeds Together: Your team needs good vibes! Create a culture that celebrates wins, supports each other, and cheers everyone on. Oh, and make it fun with rewards for awesome performances. A happy team is a winning team!

Connecting with Candidates: Recruitment is not just about hiring; it's about making connections. Stay in touch with potential candidates, even if they're not quite right for you yet. You never know when they might be a perfect fit down the road!

Conclusion: Hey, you fantastic Martech sales leaders! You've got the secret recipe for building an amazing team! Find the right people, rock those interviews, think outside the box for talent, give 'em awesome training, build a supportive culture, and make connections with candidates. You've got the magic touch!

Now go out there, bring together the coolest Martech sales team, and watch 'em take the industry by storm! It's time to unleash the power of recruitment and make your Martech sales dreams come true. Good luck, and have a blast building your awesome team! Happy selling!