The Challenge

Following a $35m VC round in October 2019 CleverTap had big ambitions to build a world class GTM team that can sell locally into EMEA. They had some hype around the product and some clients already signed in EMEA (sold to from India) but were unsure about the right way to successfully enter the market so went to market for the right “talent partner”.

They had high level challenges around this project including: 

Unknown CleverTap brand and weak employer brand
No EMEA internal talent team (need for outsourcing)
Lack of clear hiring process and data around salaries
Desire for 10-person cross functional hiring project with strict timelines and deliverable.
No understanding of the local culture and hiring landscape
No local entity to run FTE contracts so had to select and on-board and employer of record (Parakar)

The Solution

Through a partnership with CleverTap and our “enhanced product”, we were able to deliver.

A consistent and process-driven recruitment process across all hires
Reduced the cost per hire – hiring x 3 Sales, Customer Success, VP Sales, VP Marketing, 2x SDRs, Field Marketing, RevOps Manager
We had 8 of the 10 hires start on January 3rd 2020 – all of which flew to APAC for their on-boarding and kick-off at the same time
Launched the business successfully in Q1 of 2020 – resulting in new logos and increased brand awareness and ARR flowing into the region

The Results

Hired 10 hires with strict time lines and requirement for candidates to start on 3rd of January 2020.

  • VP Sales (1st on the ground)
  • Events/Field Marketing Manager
  • x 3 Account Executive EMEA
  • RevOps Manager
  • 2 x Sales Development Reps
  • Customer Success Manager
  • VP Marketing EMEA
We advised them to build their GTM team to be HQ’s out of Amsterdam (options were Berlin, London or Amsterdam)
Consistent Salary Benchmarking and built a competitive benefits package
Thornton Gregory established us as their go-to-recruiter in EMEA