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We help build cross-functional SaaS, Ad/Mar-Tech teams within the EMEA region – and because the emphasis for these go-to-market teams is high growth – we’ve become skilled at networking, market mapping, engaging and placing candidates into the hottest emerging technologies in Europe.

The companies we represent are often US or APAC HQ’d VC/PE backed vendors, which have proven product-market fit and are now looking to accelerate client acquisition and build teams in Europe. These technologies are disrupting the Digital space, and we pride ourselves on working with the rare candidates that can accelerate a start-up’s growth.

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Advertising & Promotion

Technology has undoubtedly changed the advertising landscape irrevocably in the last decade and will continue to do so long into the future, thanks to innovations in programmatic, AR and VR. Thornton Gregory works closely with leading Ad-Tech vendors and forward-thinking organisations to provide top talent, to ensure that they get noticed and stay ahead of the competition.
We work in close partnership with our clients to source professionals who specialise in the following areas:

  • Mobile Marketing
  • Display & Programmatic Advertising
  • Search & Social Advertising
  • Native/Content Advertising
  • Video advertising

Content & Experience

Content is still king when it comes to developing and implementing winning marketing strategies that deliver tangible value. Whether it’s through the traditional written word, mobile apps or making data-driven decisions, attracting audiences through innovative content is integral for modern businesses.

Thornton Gregory works with forward-thinking clients across a broad range of sectors to source and place exceptional, in-demand content and customer experience professionals who specialise in the following areas:
Mobile Apps
Interactive Content
Video Marketing
Email Marketing
Content Marketing
Optimisation, Personalisation & Testing
Marketing Automation
CMS & Web Experience

Social & Relationships

There are now more ways than ever for businesses to connect with their customers and target audiences. Intelligent tools are available to track user experience and make continuous improvements in real-time.

Whether organisations require professionals to develop winning social media strategies and monitor analytics, or they need the right talent to manage the technology that powers live chat functions, Thornton Gregory can help.

We specialise in the recruitment of talent operating in the following areas:
Call analytics & management
Social Media Marketing & Monitoring
Influencer Marketing
Community and reviews
Bots & Live Chat
Customer Experience


Big data is one of the fastest growing areas of technology, with today’s organisations fully aware of the power that harnessing data can bring. As a result, both startups and multinationals are looking to expand their teams to explore the numerous opportunities that are derived from modern data-led technologies and methodologies.

Thornton Gregory successfully sources talented professionals in this growing sector who specialise in the following areas:
Audience Marketing & Data Enhancement
Marketing Analytics, Performance & Attribution
Mobile & Web Analytics
Business/Customer Intelligence & Data Science
Data Management Platform/Customer Data Platforms or Infrastructure
Compliance and Privacy

Security & Identity

Growing incidents of cybercrime have meant that security has become an important priority for many companies, keeping themselves and their customers safe. Due to such substantial growth in this sector, professionals working in security (CIAM, IAM) who possess the relevant tech skills, knowledge and experience, are in higher demand than ever before.

Thornton Gregory has a proven track record when it comes to sourcing and placing talented security and identity professionals in the following areas:
Customer Identity & Access Management
Identity & Access Management
Privileged Access Management

What our clients say…

“I selected Thornton Gregory to be the lead recruitment firm on sourcing candidates for our strategic roles (AE, Pre-Sales & Engineering). Thornton Gregory’s approach was very consultative to understand our unique requirements and they focused on putting only top quality candidates forward. I highly recommend the Thornton Gregory team to any Mar-Tech leader looking to scale out their EMEA team”

VP EMEA, Series C Mar-Tech Client

“I have been working with Thornton Gregory since joining the company. The team have been a pleasure to work with. Thornton Gregory has been able to support and fill many difficult positions and been able to support me on any recruitment advice I needed. I would recommend any company that has vacancies to reach out to them or for any advice you may need to improve your recruitment process.”

Head of Talent, Global Travel Client

“Thornton Gregory are quite simply the best recruitment consultancy I have ever worked with. They are extremely thorough and dedicated to the role that they do. Thornton Gregory supported me solidly throughout my time at my latest client, always being available if I needed them for anything. I couldn’t recommend TG more, both as a recruitment consultancy and as mentors. I look forward to working with them in the future.”

Senior Programme Lead, Global Retail Client

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