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At Thornton Gregory_Tech, we believe the most exciting and vital change in today’s business world is technology transformation, and the essential people that define and deliver these hugely complex projects:  the client-facing project professionals. The skilled professionals that make up these project roles: Business Analysts, Project and Programme Management, Solutions Architecture and Development, are the people we place every day. We promise to give you the best career advice and the most desirable roles in technology.

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Today’s eCommerce experts play a critical role in growing online sales and creating seamless customer journeys. Thornton Gregory sources the brightest talent in digital and eCommerce for a range of leading online retailers, multi-channel and omnichannel businesses across the UK.

We help our clients continue delivering outstanding customer experiences by placing eCommerce professionals in the following areas:

  • Retail
  • Digital
  • Software Services


As the travel industry continues to evolve, so too does its dependence on technology to automate processes for its professionals and customers. Thornton Gregory sources exceptional tech and digital talent for trusted travel companies of all sizes across the UK and beyond.

We are proud to play a vital role in the progression and innovation of the travel industry through placing talent in the following areas:

  • Airlines
  • Travel
  • GDS
  • DCS


With the gambling industry growing year-on-year due to rapid technological advancements and increased availability for users, there are more opportunities for professionals in this sector than ever before. Thornton Gregory is a recruitment specialist for the gambling sector, providing outstanding talent to a range of leading names across the UK, Europe and beyond.

We help our clients to continue innovating in today’s increasingly mobile and digital gambling environment through sourcing professionals in the following areas:

  • Sportsbook
  • Casino
  • Software Services

Financial Services

There’s no doubt that technology in the financial services sector has dramatically changed the way we receive services. It is this significant shift that means that the industry is heavily dependent on outstanding tech professionals to ensure operations run as effectively, compliantly and safely as possible.

Thornton Gregory understands the importance of attracting the best talent to tackle the regulatory requirements, risk, operational challenges and evolving customer expectations facing today’s financial institutions.

We recruit professionals specialising in the following areas:

  • Payment Gateways
  • Security
  • Banking and Financial technology
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Who, What & Why

Who we are, What we do and Why

Who We Are


No one has ever become poor by giving

Giving back
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